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skin rejuvenation patientSkin Rejuvenation

Can be achieved through transdermal drug or growth factors injection and by collagen induction (Microneedling) with dermatological autologus blood therapy (PRP).

These are adjunct and cost-effective treatment modalities that have shown unparalleled efficacy in cosmetic dermatology.

Man after successful microneedling to remove wrinklesMicro-Needling

An excellent choice for the treatment of wrinkles and scars.

PRP facial and Lift on a female patientPRP Facial & Lift

Innovative approach still under-investigation that relies on the growth factors and nutrients derived from autologus blood products to improve skin health, appearance and tone.

Local injections by expert hands can dramatically augment the clinical efficacy.

Man & woman happy with microdermabrasion & chemical peelsMicrodermabrasion & Chemical Peels

Exfoliating a variable degree of the epidermis to treat scarring and hyper-pigmentation and achieve the result desired by the patient.

Combination Therapy

A multi-modality approach that achieve the most natural and long-lasting results. Considered a highly cost-effective and individualized treatment plan.


A wide range of compounds to achieve the optimal appearance you deserve.

Botulinum Toxins (Botox®, Xeomin®, Dysport®)

Improve aging lines appearance and prevent wrinkles progression.


Non-invasive medical alternative to traditional liposuction surgery for excess fat (sub-mental fat; double chin).


Hyaluronic acid injections for volume restoration and soft tissue augmentation. Unparalleled lips and cheeks enhancement with JUVÉDERM® & RESTYLANE® family of compounds.


Mini Face-Lift
A minimally-invasive treatment option delivering up to 50% improvement of that seen in a face-lift surgery with tailored results and reversible changes.

Loose Skin & Stretch Marks

A versatile novel approach to improve skin tone and induce skin tightening. In combination with other modalities significant improvement in stretch marks and excess skin appearance has been achieved.

Safe & Evidence-Based Aesthetic Procedures

Mini Face-Lift
Evidence-Based Techniques and Research-Proven Results!