Are Weight Loss Clinics Effective?

Are Weight Loss Clinics Effective?

According to data published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in 2016, over 49 % of Americans are actively trying to lose weight. This is perhaps most evident at the start of any year when weight loss is at the top of most New Year resolutions.

Unfortunately, most people stumble along the way and give up their weight loss and management journey. While a WEIGHT MANAGEMENT CENTER can help you get better and more reliable results, most people will opt for a generic food diet plan on the internet.

At the core, most weight loss and dieting plans are the same. They all encourage a lowered calorie intake and increased exercise and activity. However, a WEIGHT LOSS CLINIC may prove more resourceful in losing weight healthily. So, what is medical weight loss, and how can the TOLEDO WEIGHT LOSS CLINIC help you achieve and maintain your ideal weight goals? Read on to learn more about medical weight loss tips and tricks that are as healthy as they are effective.


Over the last few decades, most common diseases have a link with lifestyle and weight. Data reveals one in three Americans is considered medically overweight or obese. This data points to the difficulty of trying to lose weight and maintain a manageable weight balance.

Why should you be looking forward to losing weight? Well, being overweight can lessen your life expectancy by about 14 years. Moreover, obesity can reduce your quality of living and increase your chances of developing various conditions and diseases. These include cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and depression. Fortunately, a weight management center can help you achieve your ideal weight and avoid these lifestyle diseases and complications.

If you’re unsure if you need to lose weight or not, you can use the body mass index (BMI) scale to measure your weight and fitness. A high BMI could mean you’re overweight and may need to shed a few pounds, while a low BMI means you need to add some weight. Before making any important decision, remember to consult your physician or medical service provider.


As the name suggests, medical weight loss is a weight loss process guided by the help of doctors and healthcare professionals. Armed with medical experience and your medical history and background, the doctor can tailor weight loss solutions and plans specially curated just for you.

This medical weight loss approach will not only help you shed some extra weight, but you’ll also end up stronger, healthier, and happier. Moreover, regular checkups will help monitor your progress and adjust the plan accordingly.

Now, every weight loss clinic has its own strategy and formulae to help you lose weight. When looking at the Toledo weight loss clinic, there’s a methodic process to get your BMI within a healthy range. The main stages of this method involve the consultation part, behavioral changes, and weight loss remedies and medications. Here’s what you can expect at every stage;


The most important difference between a weight loss clinic and a generic internet plan is the approach. While an internet plan offers generic guidelines, a doctor can help narrow down what you need to do to see the desired results in a given time frame.

During the initial consultation, the doctor discusses your ideal weight goal and how you can reach it. Next, the doctor will help you create a plan to meet your goals. During this process, the doctor will incorporate your wholesome lifestyle.

Additionally, the consultation phase gives you a chance to create rapport with the doctor. This relationship with the doctor will ease the journey and make sharing your challenges and milestones easier.


No weight loss plan is complete without a lifestyle change. Essentially, you have to give up a few things and develop others in order to achieve your weight goals. Arguably, watching what you eat and improving physical activity will help you lose weight.

Today, there are numerous exercise and physical activities advised for obese and overweight people. Unfortunately, most of these are ineffective and may leave you injured or with more weight. A weight loss clinic can help you create the perfect exercise and activity routine to lose weight effectively. Ideally, these exercises won’t be fun, but they will get the job done.

Taking up a new exercise routine is easier said than done. Fortunately, a doctor will help you gradually get into the habit of exercising. Moreover, with regular medical checkups, the doctor may choose to change an aspect of your diet or exercise regime. The key areas weight loss specialists focus on during behavior modification include;


The food you eat can be measured by the amount of energy it contains. This is also called caloric content. During your weight loss treatment, the doctor will create and adjust your diet. This will generally reduce the number of calories you normally take.

Weight loss doctors and management clinics will also increase your diet. Most of the added foods will have lower calories and could help in various other aspects. To maintain a balanced diet, you will require an expansive diet that includes low carbs, high proteins, intermittent fasting, and water.

Your doctor will guide you through a healthy diet constituting foods promoting health and weight loss. The diet you’re on could also change your eating schedules and frequency in order to maximize the body’s ability to burn calories.


When your body doesn’t use up all the food energy (calories) you intake, it stores them. In a simple explanation, these extra calories build up as fat deposits in the body, leading to obesity. Regular and targeted exercise is the best and most effective way to burn the extra fat and lose weight.

During medical weight loss clinics, the doctor will provide a comprehensive workout regime. This exercise is customized to match your weight loss goal and lifestyle. Similar to dieting, it may take a while to get used to exercising, but it gets easier with time.


In some cases, your doctor may prescribe complementary drugs and medication to aid your weight loss efforts. These treatments help you maximize the energy being burnt in the body. However, it’s right to mention some of the house side effects that you should understand before taking the drugs. Your doctor will answer any questions before prescribing weight loss medicine.

Additionally, some of the weight loss drugs and medications are only used in extreme cases. This means you need to be sure of what the doctor advises and consult in the case of confusion.

Ultimately, medical weight loss treatments are the most effective way to lose weight. These weight loss treatments are not only professionally regulated, but they are also customized to an individual, and the results are more permanent. Do not wait until your weight gets out of hand; contact us for the latest medical weight loss treatments in Toledo, Ohio.

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