Weight Loss Clinics: A Painless Strategy to Losing Weight

Weight Loss Clinics: A Painless Strategy to Losing Weight

Two in every three Americans is either overweight or obese. Weight management is the key to a healthy and fulfilling life. It is an endeavor at the heart of weight loss clinic operations and can help minimize your risk for various chronic conditions. The best weight loss clinics have trained doctors and clinicians that provide proven and safe weight loss approaches that include diet, exercise and behavior change.

Spending too much on weight loss?

The global weight management market is worth around $189.8 Billion but why is overweight and obesity still so prevalent?

You can only make better choices in life if you are armed with the right knowledge. Some ‘weight loss experts’ out there might hold back critical information from you. Their intentions, among other things, might be to keep profiteering from you. There is always one more subscription to make, or one more magic pill to buy to ‘melt away your abdominal fat.’

Put your money where you can see tangible results. At a weight loss clinic, the process of losing weight starts with information and training. The knowledge dispensed by experts gives you better control over your health. You will then be able to make informed choices that accelerate your weight loss without blowing your budget. As you know, financial woes can lead to stress and start the vicious cycle of weight loss and emotional troubles.

Professional weight loss supervision

Nowadays, everyone is an expert when it comes to weight loss. There are thousands of web articles on the same, with most of them relying on pure conjecture and zero evidence. There are fad diet gurus that also dare to capitalize on dire situations with ghastly techniques and “money-back guarantees.” A money-back guarantee doesn’t do much after you sustain severe damage to your health.

The right weight loss clinic uses evidence-based techniques

You will have experienced doctors at your disposal to analyze your lifestyle and guide you on the easiest ways to lose weight. The weight loss plans in these centers are not limited to diet and exercise but also incorporate behavioral treatment, lifestyle counseling, and education on how to track and sustain weight loss results.

Comprehensive Weight Loss Strategies


Actual weight loss requires adjustments in eating behavior. A credible weight loss center would not overlook this aspect of the program. After their initial assessment of your current weight and body mass index (BMI), the doctors customize a diet program that works well for you.

Weight loss diet solutions could be a low-calorie diet or supervised meal replacements when you start the program. The right clinic will focus on manageable dietary changes, nothing too drastic. Proper diet changes, accompanied by appropriate exercise, speed up the weight loss process.


One of the gaping holes in many weight loss programs is the failure to address periphery issues that impact weight management. Stress and sleep are such critical factors, and disregarding them throws you into weight loss stagnation.

Weight loss clinics in their comprehensive weight loss programs address your psychological health. The experts analyze how your emotional stress ties to your diet choices and how that eventually holds you back from weight loss success. Through a guided program, you are shown how to manage your stress levels and make better lifestyle choices.


Lack of sleep starts hormonal changes that eventually impact your diet choices. Only an experienced medical expert would know if the one answer to your weight loss problems is quality sleep. When you are sleep deprived, the whole of your health takes a downturn, and being overweight is only among its many symptoms.

One study in the International Journal of Obesity showed that among 5700 women studied by scientists at the University of Helsinki, those that were found to have sleep disorders had a higher probability of being overweight compared to their peers who slept better. Therefore the right weight loss program should address sleep-related problems.


Any weight loss program would typically include an exercise routine. Working out burns lots of calories, throwing your body into a deficit that then manifests as weight loss. There are also several other physical and mental benefits of a well-calibrated exercise regime.

However, problems start when you have been hitting the gym hard with no results to show for it. There could be underlying medical issues that hold you back, or your exercise routine may not be well tuned to your body’s physical requirements. Weight loss clinic experts can help to diagnose these issues so that when you work out, you earn weight-loss benefits from every minute you spend on that treadmill.

Some of the least known medical conditions that hinder weight loss include:

  • An underactive thyroid that eventually leads to low metabolism; this is common among middle-aged women
  • Polycystic ovarian symptom, a hormonal disorder in women that reduces the efficiency of the thyroid gland
  • Testosterone decline in men that leads to performance decline and fat build up around the chest and abdomen
  • Heart diseases and high cholesterol levels that affect men and women’s hormones and the metabolism activity of the thyroid gland
  • Diabetes

The right weight loss program and the best clinic for that matter will diagnose for these conditions before starting you on a diet on an exercise program. Without treating these underlying conditions, all your weight loss efforts will have very minimal results. Important to remember: Weight loss is a gradual process You have read the articles, seen the ads on TV and even heard of the miracle weight loss formulae among friends. Those are lies. There is no overnight solution to weight loss.

Authentic, sustainable and healthy weight loss is a gradual process. When the advertisement sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

It takes analyzing a variety of factors that interplay in weight management. An expert can help with that. On your part, weight loss takes behavior change. It requires some mental rewiring in the way you think, feel and act regarding your weight, eating habits, sleep and stresses. Experts at a weight loss clinic can guide you on a steady path to long-lasting weight loss results.
Why do most weight loss programs fail?

Now you have the answer to that question. It is paying blind attention to underlying medical conditions, disregarding the role of stress and sleep in weight management and subscribing to unsustainable diet and exercise programs.

We can change your story and your weight reading

The Doctor Jabaly weight loss clinic is steered by highly trained and experienced medical doctors. Our program is science-based, and we have proven results to show. If you are tired of counting calories, popping pills and regularly buying weight loss stuff, this is the program for you.

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